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Extreme job interviews at the Spankinginstitut

Mrs Cane is the head of the employment department and responsible for all new staff. She´s notorious for her job interviews: they always have a serious and substantial test at heart. The applicants are to prove that they can take orders under “special circumstances” and act accordingly.

At first everybody has to take off his clothes and get naked under Mrs Cane´s surveillance– no matter how they dislike the certainly embarrassing situation. They are not able to resist her means and methods anyway.

How much they can take from Mrs Cane´s hands is tested next. They have to bend over, she puts them over her knees and spanks their buttocks until these are hot and red.

Those who pass this test will get to know the rich collection of whipping and spanking devices. "Special cases" are tied or handcuffed, so that Mrs Cane can fully concentrate on the test itself.
She uses a selection of leather paddles and whips, rubber tools, a wooden paddle and sometimes even a bull whip. For the final test it is however none of those, but always Mrs Cane´s cane! With it she hits the already tortured buttocks with great precision and accuracy! Soon we see the characteristic stripes on their skin. At this point of the test there´s hardly anyone who´s able to oppress whining and moaning, but – then again: what wouldn´t You do for an interesting job?

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